Conception, développement, intégration et mise en place de solutions standards ou spécifiques pour la

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Bureau de Management (BMI) is a Tunisian company that operates in the IT services sector and more particularly in the area of marketing and implementation of IT software for professionals. 

With a well-diversified range of products and services, BMI is able to offer solutions adapted to the requirements of its customers. 

In 1998 that BMI was created by   Mr. HABIB MASMOUDI who had grasped the importance of the IT world which is constantly evolving, for professionals in various sectors, i.e. everything related to management software business. He turned to specialized software solutions that are created by specialist publishers and experts in their fields. 

Quickly BMI has chosen to specialize in the implementation of CMMS software packages (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) for over 20 years.  Around its software offer, the company provides audit and S-A-V services for the CMMS solution in the IT environment of its customers.

Around its software offer, the company provides audit and S-A-V services for the CMMS solution in the IT environment of its customers.    

Today, BMI has acquired a solid experience and occupies an important position on the Tunisian market. which obliges BMI to always surpass itself and to offer innovative solutions resulting from the latest technological developments and to adapt to the daily constraints of users.  And this is how BMI tends to expand its network on an international scale. 

Like a true partner, BMI is always attentive to the needs of its customers. It helps them meet the challenges by offering them adapted and tailor-made solutions. 

BMI is distinguished by its human capital which it considers to be the real wealth and the basic tool of any success in society, it draws its knowledge and professionalism from its human capital endowed with a high level of education .

  A word from Mr Habib "Our vision for the future is based on offering quality services and products for a highly demanding clientele. We ensure a solid and lasting alliance in order to maintain the immutability and success of our partners and strengthen our competitiveness on the local and international markets. "

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  • Mar18

    Gestion de la Maintenance Assistée par Ordinateur

    Gestion de la Maintenance Assistée par Ordinateur

  • Feb22

    BMI & UNIVERS FORMATION signs a partnership agreement

    BMI & UNIVERS FORMATION have announced a commercial partnership for which the cooperation between the two companies will expand in order to provide the best training services to our Customers.

      This partnership agreement is of mutual interest for the improvement of services to our customers. 

    "This partnership agreement between our organizations to provide services, benefits and training to companies in general, bringing together professionalism, integrity and excellence .... We believe that this collaboration is suitable for customers and will help us achieve our long-term goals, we both have excellent teams of professionals and resources that will be of great support to this partnership "BMI-UNIVERS FORMATION

  • Apr20

    MISTER MAINT FUSION is the new CMMS solution of BMI

    April 20, 2021, The company BMI has signed a partnership contract with the French company ITM to distribute the CMMS MISTER MAINT in Africa

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  • Oct5

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  • Feb27

    Training : CMMS-Deep Cycle

    We are pleased to inform you that we are organizing a training cycle on :

    Theme : CMMS-Deep Cycle

    Trainer :Mr Habib MASMOUDI

    Dates : Saturday mornings from January 22,2022 (08 saturdays in a row)

    Location : Our training room located in Ben Arous.

    Target population : Maintenance Manager, Store Manager, Purchasing Manager, IT specialists, Technical service managers.

    Traing aims:

    • master the structure of a CMMS.
    • Take charge of a CMMS.
    • Analyze the need to set up a CMMS.


    For more informations, Please contact us on 71 388 000 or by Email.

  • Feb24

    EDM 2021 in Tunisia

    This year, we are pleased to inform you that we are organizing ourselves in partnership with a professional training firm; UNIVERS FORMATION , an event will have as its theme "EDM in Tunisia 2021" and in order to understand all aspects of electronic document management, it will also deal with the implementation of an EDM solution with a case real.  Which will be at our headquarters in Ben Arous on February 24, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. 

    Many surprises are to be expected! 

    Be on time! 

    Nb: Thank you for confirming your presence before 20-02-2021. 

    For more information, please contact us on 58 313 319/58 313 321 or /

  • Feb17

    Accelerate your digital transformation with OPEN BEE

     Accelerate your digital transformation with OPEN BEE

     As well as the performance of your business processes 

    The way we work will never be the same. Change is constant and exponential. Agility, speed, economy and customer experience are the terms that today define the contours of our "business models" and transform them. Companies must become more flexible, connected, innovative, efficient by being able to manage, analyze and process information in real time.  In this context, the acceleration of the digitalization of business processes (HR, accounting, administrative, sales, etc.) thus becomes a strategic priority.

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